Little Sisters of the Poor take on a remodeling project

Little sisters of the Poor bath house

For 40 years, Little Sisters of the Poor have cared for the elderly at St. Paul’s Archbishop Leibold Home for the Aged in Clifton.

Now, Mother Francis and Sister Mary Imelda are leading the effort to renovate the bath halls.The bath halls, built in 1975, are dormitory-style bathing areas.

“Bathing isn’t just about cleanliness,” said Mother Francis, president and mother superior of St. Paul’s Home. “It’s a matter of dignity, safety and respect to our residents and staff to provide a comfortable, private, soothing bathing experience. It’s an opportunity for easing pain, offering comfort and encouraging relaxation.”

The renovation will provide two private bathing suites on each of the three nursing care floors.

“We expect to have all three floors completed by November,” said Tim Weiler, facilities manager. “Costs have increased since the planning stage.  The Sisters are launching a Build the Bathing Suites campaign to ask families in the community for help.”

There are several ways to support the Sisters. A permanent Gratitude Plaque will be posted on each floor for those who donate $20,000 or more. A virtual Build a Brick campaign is on display in the lobby. When a donation of $25-$50 or $100-plus is made, a  symbolic cardboard brick with the donor’s name is added to the display.

St. Paul’s Home is a retirement community that assists all those in need no matter race, religion or frailty.

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