Bethesda grants target at-risk people

Frequent emergency room visitors and babies and mothers with opioid addictions will benefit from grants made by Bethesda Inc.

Bethesda, which co-sponsors TriHealth, has awarded two planning grants totaling more than $355,000 to First Step Home in partnership with TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital, and to TriHealth’s Bethesda Butler Hospital to develop programs to improve the health of at risk-populations.

A $150,000 planning grant from Bethesda will help First Step Home and Good Samaritan Hospital transform the way mothers and babies struggling with opioid addiction are supported in the months following the births.

“First Step Home is developing a new model of care for women who are becoming mothers while struggling with addiction,” said Margo Spence, president and CEO of First Step Home. “We are excited to team with Good Samaritan to develop a program to provide residential care for mothers and babies after hospital discharge, reunite babies with mothers more quickly, and ultimately lead to a decrease in the number of babies entering the foster care system.”

A $205,280 planning grant will enable Bethesda Butler Hospital to develop a business plan to increase access to and improve the quality of primary care for so-called “super-utilizers” of health care. Super-utilizers are people with at least two hospital admissions or three emergency department visits within a six-month time frame.

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