Culture of Innovation hosts first Good Discovery(s) Festival for creatives and innovators

Tuesday, March 26, 8 a.m.-7 p.m., Memorial Hall, OTR

The city’s first Good Discovery(s) Festival will provide space so that creatives and innovators of all types can discuss ways to positively impact key sectors like art, food, government, health and technology.

The conference-style event, facilitated by Culture of Innovation, will include breakout discussions across various tracks – like Food Innovation, covering sustainability, green living and food recovery – plus brainstorming sessions led by design leaders and workshops by civic artists.

The list of attending artists and presenters includes Tina Dyehouse, the founder of City Ombudsman, a digital platform for problem-solving quality-of-life issues; Matthew David Gellen, founder of American Legacy Theatre and mastermind behind the T2: Transit Theater performance; Tamia Stinson, founder of Tether, a community and talent agency for creative image-makers; Kari Armbruster, project manager of Kroger’s Zero Hunger, Zero Waste project; and more. Keynote speeches, creative “exhales,” design sprints, lunch and a cocktail hour round out the day’s offerings.

Attendees can interact with artists, community leaders, designers and entrepreneurs building products and services that impact communities for good.

Tickets start at $15.#513-295-4448 or

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