Behringer-Crawford’s ‘Art of the Bead’ features Cher’s gowns

A beaded outfit worn by pop star Cher

Through May 10, Behringer-Crawford Museum

If you don’t have tickets for Cher’s Cincinnati concert on April 7 (or even if you do) you can get an up-close look at some of the music icon’s glamorous costumes at Behringer-Crawford Museum through May 10.

Four of Cher’s dazzling beaded outfits will be on display as part of the exhibit, “From Rituals to Runways: The Art of the Bead.” The costumes were worn for the “Sonny & Cher” TV show and concerts during the 1970s.

The exhibit celebrates the role beads have played in society over the centuries, from prayer and devotion, to fashion and décor.

Beaded crown worn by African nobility

Sample of tambour beading created by Robert Haven

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