Cincinnati Cares adds donation portal to website

Cincinnati Cares announced today it has added the ability for individuals to donate to nonprofits on its website –

Craig Young

“We remain committed to serving the volunteer, first and foremost,” said Cincinnati Cares founder Craig Young. “But in this unprecedented time where volunteers feel uncertain about helping in person, we’ve accelerated our plans to provide them with a way to make donations to nonprofits in need.”

Cincinnati Cares will derive no benefit from any donations to nonprofits made through its website. The move is intended to help Greater Cincinnati respond and recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, Cincinnati Cares revamped its website in three major ways:

● Cincinnati Cares’ unique relationship with more than 750 nonprofits will help quantify the devastating impact COVID-19 has had and will continue to have on Greater Cincinnati. Organizations and volunteers are invited to add stories and impact data.

● To mobilize volunteers without putting them in harm’s way, Cincinnati Cares is helping its nonprofit partners design virtual volunteer opportunities. Nonprofits wanting to engage volunteers virtually should let Cincinnati Cares know.

● And Cincinnati Cares is reaching out to the public to connect people to volunteering that can be done online or by phone. Prospective virtual volunteers should go here.

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