Dinner and a Show via Taft’s and The Know

Here’s an opportunity to take out and tune in to some local theater, right at home.

Taft’s Ale House and Know Theatre are partnering on Dinner & a Show, a new initiative from the folks at The Know.

From Wednesday, May 6 through Tuesday, May 12, customers who order takeout from Taft’s will receive a “menu” of video-on-demand options from the Know’s “Stream Team” collection of shows, with a code that provides both $1 off the cost of each show and a 10% discount from the cost of a meal.

The Know offers six shows right now on video-on-demand, including a folk tale with music, a two-person drama, a comedic original musical, a solo show about the end of the world, and two theatre-for-young-audiences musicals.

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