A message from frontline employees at The Christ Hospital Health Network

How do you define grateful?

You may have seen this photo on “Good Morning America” and other outlets.

If you’re Kelsey Kerr, surgical ICU nurse at The Christ Hospital, grateful is being able to have your mother hug you, even if it is through a bedsheet.

Photo by Liz Dufour, Cincinnati Enquirer

The Christ Hospital Foundation is extraordinarily grateful to all who have given to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Your generosity is heartwarming. We’ve received monetary donations, donations of food, headbands and PPE, and we wanted to find a way to say an appropriate thank you.

In our current situation of isolation, the essence of gratitude often comes through best in photographs. So below is a video showing how grateful our frontline employees are for all you have given them.

We continue to need your help.

Gifts to the COVID-19 Response Fund can be made here; you can also send a check to The Christ Hospital Foundation, 2123 Auburn Avenue, Suite 528, Cincinnati, OH 45219, or call 513-585-4128 to donate by phone.

Thank you for all you allow us to do for our patients, their families, our community and our employees.


Victoria Buyniski Gluckman
Chair, Board of Directors
The Christ Hospital Foundation

Richard F. Kammerer
The Christ Hospital Foundation

Thank you to The Christ Hospital Foundation for providing this content.

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