American Legacy Theatre launches Home Theatre Library

American Legacy Theatre (ALT) is inviting viewers to #BreakTheWalls with on-demand library.

The Home Theatre Library will feature new works from members of the Cincinnati community who want to share their story, available for the public to see. According to the ALT website, “at #YourNationalTheatre we believe that EVERYONE’s stories deserve to be heard and Home Theatre makes this a reality.”

Matthew David Gellin, ALT founder and producing artistic director

ALT’s mission is to “make professional theater affordable, relevant and exciting to all people and all voices.” The Home Theatre Library is the latest move by ALT toward accomplish that mission.

Home Theatre was created with three principles in mind: increasing accessibility, empowering people to have control over their own story, and building empathy.

“Only when we know each others’ successes, failures, trials, and tribulations will we begin to create a MORE fair and just world,” according to the ALT site.

New content will be made and published as frequently as every week.

See what’s available at A.L.T’s Home Theatre.

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