Cincinnati Animal CARE announces ‘name your price’ adoption fees

Cincinnati Animal CARE, the Hamilton County Animal Shelter, is currently at overcapacity, “code red,” with their animal kennels. Dogs are living in emergency kennels, being fostered by shelter employees, and being housed in the staff offices.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is a no kill shelter, and committed to housing only one dog per kennel.

“We consider ‘Code Red’ to be when we are at 10 empty kennels or fewer. Since taking over operations of the Northside shelter in August 2020, we have rarely hit a true Code Red,” said Kelsey Maccombs, senior shelter manager. “We are currently at negative-11 kennels and it’s time to get creative to get them into homes. We will do whatever it takes to maintain our lifesaving rate while still housing animals individually.”

The shelter’s creative solution to this problem is to offer a “name your price” option, effective now. Adoption fees for adult dogs (six months and older) and kittens (under six months) are “Name Your Price” until further notice. The shelter suggests a minimum of $25 for adopters, but adoption fees will be whatever potential adopters would like to pay.

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