Lower Price Hill nonprofits merging

Two Lower Price Hill nonprofits will merge effective July 1.

Community Matters and its sister organization, Education Matters, have agreed to merge into a single nonprofit under the existing Community Matters name and brand.

“The work of Education Matters and Community Matters was built on the same foundation,” said Mary Delaney, Community Matters executive director. “This merger makes us stronger and more sustainable, and it deepens our impact.”

Mary Delaney

In 1971, the founders of Education Matters (formerly the Lower Price Hill Community School) began grassroots work that focused on the neighborhood’s dropout crisis. For 50 years, the organization has continued to address the gap in educational opportunities for adults from the Lower Price Hill neighborhood and surrounding communities.

The same grassroots approach established the community-centered work of Community Matters in 2014, which has included programs and initiatives that build family sustainability, invest in a range of resident-led initiatives, develop social enterprises and small businesses and construct affordable housing.

Together, over the past eight years, the two organizations have been working in partnership on the Saint Michael Campus in Lower Price Hill, and for the last several years, have shared a leadership team.

The missions, visions, and leadership of both organizations have been aligned since day one, and the programs complement each other so well…it makes sense to bring everything together into a single entity,” said Scott Priestle, Community Matters’ board chair. 

Day-to-day operations will look very much the same to the public, with all existing programming and staff remaining.

The boards of directors will consolidate to include 13 previous members of diverse experience with standing committees comprised of additional expertise. As one organization, Community Matters will partner with more than 2,000 families annually and focus its work on four pillars of impact: family sustainability, education pathways, resident leadership and thriving community.

The organization said the merger will increase funding sustainability, streamline staffing and governance, strengthen support for families and establish a unified mission to build a thriving and more just community.


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