Dog warden reunites trucker with dog

A dog has been reunited with her original owner after a long journey that saw her make her way from California to Cincinnati.

Sophie is a 4-year-old dog who often hit the road with Jordan, a truck driver based in California. Jordan’s previous company changed policies and told him Sophie could no longer travel with him while he worked. With no options, Jordan re-homed her to a fellow Californian.

Sophie and Jordan

On March 4, Sophie was picked up in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati by a Hamilton County dog warden.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s only open-intake, no-kill animal shelter and the county’s sole provider of dog warden (animal control) services. When Sophie was scanned for a microchip, it led Cincinnati Animal CARE to Jordan.

Sophie had been rehomed multiple times, leading her across the country to Cincinnati.

Jordan is now with a new trucking company who allows him to take a dog with him while working, he scheduled a haul to Cincinnati, and was reunited with Sophie at CAC

Research shows that 1 in 3 pets will become lost at some point in their life, and 90% of those without identification never return home.

Microchipping is the leading way to increase the odds of reunification if a pet gets lost.

A small chip the size of a grain of rice is inserted between an animal’s shoulder blades. The pet will not even know it’s there, but it contains a unique code with all of the information needed to get a pet back home again. This is not a GPS tracker; it works more like a barcode.

CAC offers microchipping to the community for $25 during normal business hours (1-6 p.m. daily). No appointment is necessary.

Most veterinary clinics offer microchipping as well.

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