Great Parks hosts electronics waste collection event

Great Parks of Hamilton County is teaming up with Cohen Recycling for a waste collection event on Saturday, Nov. 11, focused on keeping sometimes hard-to-recycle electronic items out of the landfill.

The event at Winton Woods Harbor runs from 9 a.m. to noon. Residents can stop by the Lakeview Drive site to drop off most any item with a cord, including: computers, cellphones, DVD players, video game systems, telephones, remotes, batteries, laptops, tablets, fax machines, keyboards, microwaves, servers, routers, speakers, mice, LCD screens, hard drivers, modems, stereos, VCRs, wires, televisions, DVRs, CRT monitors and cable/satellite boxes.

There is no maximum number of items a person can drop-off. Devices with a cathode ray tube, such as old televisions and flat screen TVs, require a $10 fee. Light bulbs, wood, paper and cardboard, refrigerators and freezers won’t be accepted.

Electronics being recycled
(Provided: Cohen Recycling)

Nov. 11 is officially a Great Parks Community Day so a Motor Vehicle Permit isn’t required to drive into Winton Woods Harbor or any other Great Parks destination.

“Electronic waste can include extremely dangerous materials, such as leaded glass and mercury, that do not break down in landfills and can damage the environment,” said Stephanie Bacher, sustainability coordinator at Great Parks. “These dangerous chemicals can leach into water sources, impacting habitats and watersheds, so we’re excited to divert as much of it as possible at this event.”

This event is the latest in an ongoing partnership between Great Parks and Cohen Recycling. The organizations have worked together on an annual holiday lights recycling program for nine years, recycling more than 34 tons of material during that time. The holiday lights recycling program returns from Dec. 1 to Feb. 1 this season.

Great Parks of Hamilton County

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