Notables in Senior Services

Movers & Makers asked organizations involved in the senior services to introduce their notables to our readers, part of a regular feature highlighting people making a difference in Greater Cincinnati’s nonprofit community. 

Senior Services notable Kim Clark
Kim Clark

Kim Clark’s desire to serve led her to help the elderly

A desire to serve brought Kim Clark to the Council on Aging nearly 30 years ago. Clark’s career in senior services began while working at a local grocery store. She established an easy rapport with older customers, which translated into a passion for service, a social work degree and a career at COA. Clark has held several roles at COA, most recently as director of community and business operations. She has led the development of nationally recognized programs that help thousands of older adults remain safe and independent at home. Clark is passionate about projects that improve older adults’ access to benefits programs. “Connecting older adults to these valuable benefits helps address social determinants of health, which are so important for maintaining health and independence,” she said. A graduate of the 2018-19 WE Lead program, Clark says her proudest accomplishment is her daughter, who is pursuing her own career in social work.

Senior Services notable Ron Padgett
Ron Padgett

Ron Padgett led The Victorian to serve LGBTQ seniors

Ron Padgett has been a transformational leader for The Victorian at Riverside, a 138-year-old senior living community. He saw a need in the LGBTQ community, noting that there were no senior living facilities openly welcoming members of that population, the most underserved in the elder space. Padgett began the LGBTQ initiative to get the word out that Victorian at Riverside welcomes all seniors, and says, “Y’All means ALL!” In addition to being a realtor, he spent 30 years planning events all over the country for celebrities. He is phenomenally creative and has designed museum-worthy costumes for parties and events he has chaired or hosted. The Victorian has expanded its reach to serve seniors who have been shy to go into communal living by making them feel safe. Padgett is responsible for shining a light on this need and solving a problem that many don’t even know exists.

Senior Services notable Nora Dashley
Nora Dashley

Nora Dashley leads senior center and ‘Comfort Quilts’ efforts

Nora Dashley, a dedicated leader at the YMCA for 16 years, exemplifies the essence of senior services. The first-generation American, married with four children, has a deep-rooted connection to her community. Her family instilled in her the values of service and family. Dashley leads the Colerain Township Senior Center operations and orchestrates volunteer efforts, producing over 4,000 “Comfort Quilts” for organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities. She engages more than 650 seniors, enhancing the lives of 2,500. Her outstanding commitment during the pandemic – facilitating over 6,000 meals and 5,300 check-in calls – earned her a Hometown Hero award from the Colerain Chamber of Commerce. Off-duty, Dashley cherishes family time and serving her community. Her family members were founders of the Gold Star Chili brand.

Senior Services notable Lisa Capannari
Lisa Capannari

Safe access, barrier-free living is Lisa Capannari’s goal

Lisa Capannari understands the mobility needs and challenges of the aging population, given her 35-year career as a physical therapist assistant in geriatrics. Through her affiliation with TriHealth’s Think First Trauma Prevention program, Capannari has helped educate thousands of students about the ramifications of brain and spinal cord injury often associated with reckless behavior. Lisa is the education and outreach coordinator for Whole Home, a division of People Working Cooperatively. Safe access for all is of deep interest to her, given her experience in the medical field, and she applies this knowledge in her client interactions. Capannari facilitates three fall-prevention workshops, in person and virtually, through PWC’s Whole Home Innovation Center. She collaborates with health care professionals and realtors on barrier-free living options. Capannari enjoys traveling with her husband and visiting national parks.

Senior Services notable Michele Duda
Michele Duda

Michele Duda finds the money to support senior services

Michele Duda started at Bayley in May 2023. With over 16 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, she came to Bayley when she saw how much opportunity there was to increase the scale and scope of its development goals. Since Duda arrived, she has secured funding to enable Bayley to provide transportation services for more members of the Adult Day Program. This program is one of only a few left in Cincinnati and is vitally important to the senior community in the area. She has also secured funding to provide facility upgrades at the Bayley Wellness Center, which is important to the holistic health and wellness of its many members.  Duda continues to work on opportunities to improve the quality of life for the residents at Bayley and to make a difference in senior care. Duda enjoys traveling with her husband and two children in her free time. She is from Syracuse, N.Y.

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