CAT launches Recovery Peer Group program intended to increase positive patient outcomes

Center for Addiction Treatment launched its newest program, the Recovery Peer Group, July 8, with client enrollment open now. This outpatient group offers new and existing patients the benefits of engaging in evidence-based, peer-led support during weekly, 90-minute sessions, creating the opportunity for clientele to benefit from care guided by those with shared, lived recovery experience as they build upon the foundational stages of early recovery. 

Growing evidence shows peer support involvement increases positive outcomes for patients, including a 90% reduction in hospital readmission rates for those in peer-based mental health programming.* CAT aims to amplify client successes further by utilizing renowned recovery and mental health support publisher Hazelden’s MORE modules as the group’s curriculum base. Recent data suggests 81% of individuals who’ve followed MORE-based programming reported substance abstinence six months after discharge.* 

“For 54 years, our organization has stood committed to providing innovative addiction and mental health services. The introduction of Recovery Peer Group programming is the clear next step of our continuum of care journey,” said Patti L. Webb, president and CEO. 

“Beyond the data-rooted evidence, we’ve seen the first-hand benefits Peer Support has had on our Residential clients spanning the seven years we’ve offered Peer Support,” said Rachel Johnson, VP of Clinical Services. “After witnessing the profound impact that peer-based services have made on an Inpatient level, we’re ecstatic to now extend their impact to clients on their outpatient journeys.”

Recovery Peer Group is designed to streamline accessibility, with eligibility opportunities for both new and existing clients at any stage in the treatment process.

Serving the Greater Cincinnati community since 1970, Center for Addiction Treatment provides high-quality, affordable treatment for those impacted by the disease of addiction to drugs, alcohol and/or gambling.

Interested individuals and referral partners can submit a confidential contact request at or call 513-381-6672. 

*Statistics cited from sources Mental Health America and Hazelden. Further citation information available upon request.

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