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Creativity in the everyday

Polly Campbell asks "What's college for?"

Snarky political memes on Facebook, squirrel obstacle races and the guy on TikTok skating to Fleetwood Mac have all helped me in little ways to get through the pandemic. Other social media content, has of course, infuriated me. And there was one meme that popped up on my feed during the first few months that struck terror in my heart. 

Polly Campbell: On the ‘good-deed doers’ of Cincinnati

Polly Campbell asks "What's college for?"

My writing life in Cincinnati until now has been writing about food and restaurants, so this may seem like a swerve. But the people I covered, the restaurant owners and chefs, the farmers and food producers, are movers. They are also makers. They followed vision and passion into the difficult business of selling people something to eat.


Carole and Ed Rigaud

Eight Cincinnati community leaders on living an active, purpose-driven life: Carole and Ed Rigaud on success and happiness for all; for Kitty and Dick Rosenthal stagnation is not an option; Susan and John Tew on good health of mind and body; Barbara and Larry Kellar on the value of hard work.

The arts mean business

Syd Nathan’s King Records in the 1950s-60s and the current work of MYCincinnati in Price Hill both represent what great things can happen in neighborhoods when you give musicians room to experiment and collaborate, and that it can be good business, as well. Find out how…