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Culture FIX: March 2-8

Just when you think things are returning to normal, Bockfest comes along to remind us that normal is, well, relative. Rest assured, there are plenty of saner alternatives to balance out your weekend and beyond. Choose often, yet carefully.

Culture FIX: March 3-9

It’s great to feel the increasing energy as creativity continues to keep us sane and show us the light. Here’s your chance to choose sanity, from now through next Tuesday, at least!

What to Do/Hear/See | Feb. 27-March 5

For freelance musicians, the weeks one dreads are those in which every group with which one performs decides to schedule a program at the same time. This week, you get a taste of that life as many, many organizations serve up appealing offerings. We’ll try to narrow it down (a little) for you.

Bockfest 5K

Iris Simpson Bush, executive director of the Flying Pig Marathon, Sean Vandermosten, Rachel Appenfelder, Tommy Kauffmann and Zachary Holtkemp

A sold-out field of 2,300 participated in the Bockfest 5K, the first leg of the Christian Moerlein Beer Series served up by the Flying Pig Marathon.