Dancing for the Stars crowns disco champs

Dance champions Leigh Bradshaw and Jay Lame, wearing gold lame

Dance champions Leigh Bradshaw and Jay Lame, wearing gold lamé

Two teams scored perfect “40”s for their disco routines, prompting a dance-off for the first time in Dancing for the Stars history.

Jay Lame, a financial analyst with Lenox Wealth Management, and his professional partner Leigh Bradshaw of Cincinnati Ballroom Co. emerged as the champions of the Cincinati Arts Association event. Runners-up were Jamie Humes, vice president of marketing for Traditions Building & Development Group, and her partner Josh Tilford, an independent dance instructor.

Humes also took home the “Fundraising Champion” award, for raising the most money through ticket sales and donations.

Conrad Thiede, director of gifts for Cincinnati Public Radio, and Bonita Brockert, an independent instructor, placed third.

With an audience of nearly 650 guests, the popular event is CAA’s largest annual fundraiser, and raised more than $90,000 for the Overture Awards high school arts scholarship competition.

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