What to Do/See/Hear | July 11-July 17

By Thomas Consolo

So, did you get out of the house last weekend and see all there was to see? You have just a couple of days left before Mother Nature fires up the tandoori again. By this weekend, you’ll just want to go from air-conditioned home to air-conditioned destination. We’ve got the cool events you need.


It’s your last chance for these two long-running displays.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center | 50 East Freedom Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202; 513-333-7500

Through Friday, July 13. “Confederate Currency” and “Confederate Memory”

This timely two-in-one exhibition takes a look at the Confederacy’s perceptions of itself. In “Confederate Money,” it’s the delusion of happy slaves grateful to their masters as depicted in the images on CSA currency. In “Confederate Memory,” it’s the white delusion built around the legacy of the South’s noble Lost Cause and how that led to Jim Crow and decades of slavery-like oppression of black Americans.

Lloyd Library | 917 Plum St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-721-3707

Through Friday, July 13. “Garden to Table: Traditions and Innovation”

Another fascinating look from the (almost) hidden downtown gem. Exhibition includes rare etchings, lithographs and botanical illustrations – back to the 1600s – of gardens, their bounty, their design and their caretakers. The Lloyd has limited hours; call before you visit.



Memorial Hall | 1225 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-977-8838

Sunday, July 15, 4 p.m. “Midsummer Mixology”

What could be more refreshing on a hot, summer day than a cool cocktail? The summer session of the Secret Society of Spirits series at “the Memo” focuses on light and bright cocktails that use all the beautiful bounty of the season. The session will include three cocktails, with instructions and methods, and surprise food-bite pairings.


The Seventh Seal event

Disillusioned knight Antonius Block challenges Death to a game of chess in Ingmar Bergman’s classic 1957 film, “The Seventh Seal.”


If Omar Khayyám were alive today, he’d be writing about the joys of a cold cinema, a tub of popcorn and thou on a sweltering day. Especially if the screen is alive with fare above the mediocre mainstream.

Esquire Theatre | 320 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220; 513-281-2803

Wednesday, July 11, 7 p.m. “The Seventh Seal”

You’ve returned from the Crusades only to find your village decimated by the Black Death. What’s a knight to do but challenge Death to a game of chess for your life? See how well Antonius Block plays in this 1957 Ingmar Bergman classic. It’s the first of three Wednesday Bergman screenings to mark the great filmmaker’s centenary.

The Mini Microcinema | 1329 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

It’s one of the busiest weeks we remember at the Mini, with showings on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. As you’d expect, the subjects are diverse:

Thursday, July 12, 7:30 p.m. “Casa de Lava.”  Pedro Costa’s 1994 film adaptation of Jacques Tourneur’s French 1943 film “I Walked with a Zombie” is just now getting its first U.S. release. It tackles Portugal’s colonial legacy.

Saturday, July 14, 11:30 a.m. “Lil’s + Lils.” Another in the series of short, animated films for children served up with free Lil’s bagels and coffee from Iris BookCafe.

Sunday, July 15, 7:30 p.m. “Open Screen.” Just like open mic night, except with a screen. The presenting filmmakers will be on hand.

Tuesday, July 17, 7:30 p.m. “Heavy Laughter in Lean Years.” Hal Roach already had a list of occupations under his belt when he became a movie producer at 23. His studio boasted the talents of Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang and a similarly stellar list of comediennes. The Mini offers a 90-minute sampling of Roach’s best from 1929-1932.

Cincinnati Opera | 609 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202; 513-241-2742

Wednesday, July 11, 8 p.m. “Another Brick in the Wall – The Documentary”

I know what you’re thinking: Tom, you misfiled the opera under films. But no. In anticipation of the U.S. premiere of “Another Brick in the Wall” (check this space next week for more details), Cincinnati Opera is screening a 30-minute documentary (here’s the trailer) by Pierre and François Lamoureux about the making of the opera. The screening is at the 21C Museum Hotel, preceded by cocktails and followed by a panel discussion.



Memorial Hall | 1225 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-977-8838

Monday, July 16, 7 p.m. “A Celebration of Miles Davis”

The next installment of the Jazz at the Memo series features Mike Wade on trumpet, Phil DeGreg on keyboard and Aaron Jacobs on acoustic bass. The trio will pay tribute to Miles Davis, one of the most innovative musicians of the 20th century. And these guys will even face the audience. As has become the norm, there will be light bites from Washington Platform.

Greenacres | 8400 Blome Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242; 513-793-2787

Friday, July 13, 7:30 p.m. “Music Under the Stars”

We couldn’t get a summer week in without an outdoor concert. If you want to hear members of the Cincinnati Symphony, Cincinnati Pops and friends make music under the stars, then Greenacres is the place to be.


Flash sheet, “Zero Hour” by Steven Mast, inspired by the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name event

Flash sheet, “Zero Hour” by Steven Mast, inspired by the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name.


Concert:nova | 1225 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-977-8838

Friday, July 13, 6 and 9 p.m. “The Bradbury Tattoos”

With Cincinnati Opera taking a collective deep breath this week before diving into “The Wall,” concert:nova steps up to fill the void and add another week to summer opera in Cincinnati. Not surprising for these experimental music specialists, they, too, turned to 20th century culture for inspiration. The result is a four-act, experimental rock opera based on stories from “The Illustrated Man” by sci-fi literary deity Ray Bradbury. As one might expect, there’s a great story behind this work, which you can read more about in our story.


Shakespeare in the Park event

“Shakespeare in the Park”


Cincinnati Landmark Productions | 801 Matson Place, Cincinnati, OH 45204; 513-241-6550

Opens Wednesday, July 11. “The Mystery of Irma Vepp”

Cincinnati Landmark’s summer series at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater continues. Just two actors bring to life this madcap comedy whose characters include a sympathetic werewolf, a vampire, an ancient Egyptian princess, a lonely British lord, his wife, her maid and a groundskeeper. Runs through Aug. 5.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company | 1195 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-381-2273

“Shakespeare in the Park”

The summer parks tour is back at it this week with the first performances this year of the tragic tale of the star-cross’d lovers Romeo and Juliet. Those include 7 p.m., Friday, July 13, in Covington’s Linden Grove Cemetery and Arboretum; 7 p.m., Saturday, July 14, in Eden Park’s Seasongood Pavilion; 7 p.m., Sunday, July 15, in Glendale’s Gruber Pavilion; and 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 17, at the Madisonville Community Center’s Bramble Ballfield. The week begins with a performance of scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Taft Museum using the Far Flung woods sculpture for scenery; that’s at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, July 12, and is part of the Taft’s House Party.


Anila Qayyum Agha Marta Hewett Gallery event

Anila Quayyum Agha’s “Shimmering Mirage,” a laser-cut lacquered steel work from 2016, is part of the “Delicate Bond of Steel” exhibition this weekend at the Marta Hewett Gallery.


Marta Hewett Gallery | 1310 Pendleton St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-281-2780

Thursday, July 12, 6-9 p.m. “Delicate Bond of Steel”

Marta Hewett has teamed up with New York City’s Aicon Gallery to present the Manhattan gallery’s first pop-up exhibition in Cincinnati. “Delicate Bond of Steel” features work by South Asian artists and explores the historic cultural and artistic ties that bind such nations such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka despite traumatic partitions and redrawn borders. Runs only through Sunday, July 15.

Wash Park Art | 1215 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513-291-3626

Opens Friday, July 13. “Virtuosity”

This exhibition of five violins, each painted by a local artist, is part of the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra’s MusikArt fundraising event. (You can bid to buy your favorite fiddle.) Read more about the event’s genesis and artists in our story. Opening party, Friday, July 13, 5-8 p.m. Runs through Sept. 15.

Wave Pool Gallery | 2940 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45225; 513-600-6117

Opens Saturday, July 14. “Let It Grow”

“Let It Grow” explores the ways artists frame our human- and plant-interdependent relationships. What does it mean for us to remove these living organisms from their natural habitat and make ourselves their sole caretakers? Runs through Sept. 1.

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