Walk of America stops at Lindner Center

Walk of America

Frankie Perez, Kev Carr, Anne Maria Dougherty, Stan Kroder, Adele Loar, L. Thomas Hiltz, John Brady, Larry Hinkle, Francie Hiltz, Jonny Burns, Matt Fisher and Kemsley Whittlesea

Lindner Center of Hope was a special stop during the Walk of America expedition.

Six wounded veterans (three American, three British) walked from the West Coast to the East Coast to help draw attention to the significant mental health challenges faced by veterans.

Dr. Paul Keck Jr., Lindner Center of Hope president and CEO, and Bob McDonald, U.S. secretary of veterans affairs, spoke. Moving stories from the six walking wounded were also shared.

The walk began June 2 in California and ended Sept. 6 in New York City.

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