2019 Movers & Makers Readers’ Choice Awards – The Winners

April 1, 2020

Nonprofit events are a major undertaking for any organization. They provide a focus for creativity and teamwork, all with the goal of furthering the mission of each organization, whether through directly raising money or presenting an artistic product for public consumption. But they require hours and hours of planning and execution, often without adequate appreciation for those behind the scenes.

We began our Movers & Makers Awards last year as a way of publicly recognizing those nonprofits who produce inspiring events, inviting our readers to vote for their favorites online. 

Yes, this IS a popularity contest. 

Every cause is “worthy” in some way. There is no judging here. No nominations or criteria to meet. And no arbitrary claims of “best of.” 
It’s all about inspiring passion. 

The most well attended or highest grossing events in a category were not always the winners. The events and organizations who came out on top did so not only because they put on a great event, but because they motivated attendees to “get out the vote” – furthering the cause they are passionate about by telling the city “We care about THIS!”

We hope you will take some time and make note of both the winners and runners up. Imagine and appreciate the person-hours, the dedication and the talent required to create a successful event.

We salute the winners, and everyone who works to plan, promote, participate in and help pay for the thousands of events that appear in Movers & Makers each year. These events are often the lifeblood for nonprofits of all varieties.

Most of these organizations will suffer financially during this public health crisis. We urge you to continue support, to the best of your ability, those causes or organizations that are closest to your hearts. 

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Congratulations to all! Be safe and healthy,

Thom & Elizabeth Mariner, co-publishers

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