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Introducing a new alliance

Movers & Makers, a print and digital publication serving the nonprofit sector for 25 years, has converted into a nonprofit organization in order to better align its mission with the sector it is covering.

‘The next normal’

When we heard the news about all bars and restaurants shuttering, we suddenly realized that, no matter how many copies we might print, we simply would not have anywhere to deliver them.

Who should fund the arts?

…an investment in our emotional and intellectual infrastructure, every bit as important for our mutual well-being as a road or a bridge or the school buildings in which the arts should be taught. Check out Co-publisher Thom Mariner’s take on funding for the arts.

Farewell, Trey Devey, and thank you!

Trey Devey

Later this month, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra president and CEO Trey Devey will leave his post to head the Interlochen Center for the Arts in northern Michigan. He leaves the organization economically and artistically stronger than at any time in recent memory. What more could one ask?