ScareCorona art show hopes to frighten virus away

Northside ScareCoronas walking art show by and for all

Artists Tina Gutierrez and Rene Micheo have created a socially connected, at-a-distance community art show.

A variation on the classic scarecrow, ScareCoronas, on display since May 7, are intended to “get medieval and scare that virus away.”

A ScareCorona located at 1619 Pullan Ave.

Using materials and clothing from around the house, neighborhood creatives were invited to construct a “silly, scary or whatever you are feeling figure, chair-coronas.”

The event is intended to be a walk-by, drive-by art show created by and for the Northside community, to be enjoyed while social distancing. More than 125 ScareCoronas have been created. This map, generated by designer Reggie Kuhns, can help you locate them.

Photographer Tina Gutierrez has regularly created feature article images for Movers & Makers print magazine since 2016.

More info: Northside ScareCoronas 2020 Art Show

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