Three Northern Kentucky nonprofits receive support through Horizon Community Funds

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky will distribute $30,000 to Faith Community Pharmacy and $40,000 to Early Childhood Learning Education Assessment Resource Network (EC Learn), both serving Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties in Northern Kentucky.  

“Faith Community Pharmacy and EC Learn each support a clear need that, if not for COVID-19, would not have been present or present at its current level,” said Horizon Community Funds President Nancy Grayson. “Our advisory committee takes very careful, very measured steps to distribute funding to help those most affected by the pandemic in Northern Kentucky.” 

EC Learn has received financial support for its work to address the current crisis of childcare needs that have been amplified by the pandemic. Horizon Community Funds has provided a grant for EC Learn’s work to provide childcare referrals for Northern Kentucky families and businesses, and to train and coach early childcare providers, which reinforces the framework for early childhood care and education. 

Sandra Woodall

“Thousands of families and employers in Northern Kentucky count on quality child care, but the effects of COVID-19 in our region have made it challenging for early child care providers to meet the high demands,” said EC Learn Executive Director and CEO Sandra Woodall.

Faith Community Pharmacy has secured funding for a set of critical medications to distribute to Northern Kentucky individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford these items. The pandemic has caused a serious slowdown in production of certain medications, contributing to a lack of reduced-cost access for the Florence-based nonprofit.

Aaron Broomall

“I can’t thank Horizon Community Funds enough for stepping in to ensure that the most vulnerable Northern Kentuckians will continue to have access to lifesaving medications during this pandemic,” said Faith Community Pharmacy Executive Director Aaron Broomall. “Their leadership during this unprecedented time displays the spirit of our region.” 

A donor-directed gift has also been made to Life Learning Center through the Horizon NKY Coronavirus Relief Fund. The $25,000 contribution will support Life Learning Center’s Dignity Store, which assists the organization’s candidates and members participating in the care continuum services that support recovery from addiction.   

Director of Care Laurie Hoppenjans in the Life Learning Center Dignity Store

“Thank you to Jack and Kay Geiger for their tremendous generosity in support of the Dignity Store, which incentivizes our Candidates in their journey for transformational change,” said Life Learning President Alecia Webb Edgington. “Candidates earn credits through their consistent engagement in the Academic and Care Continuum, which can then be ‘cashed in’ for a variety of rewards through the Dignity Store.”

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