Tellus Zine invites teens to submit art works for annual issue

Tellus Zine – a digital magazine made by teens, for teens – is seeking creative submissions from students throughout Greater Cincinnati on the theme of “Metamorphosis.”

Young adults from 13 to 21 may submit artwork in various forms – writing, nonfiction, drawing, painting, photography, video, animation – to be considered for the second annual issue of Tellus. The digital publication aims to provide a space for diverse young people to express themselves creatively through writing and art.

Kennedy Heights Arts Center

Tellus Zine is a creative offshoot of Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s program Teen Artists for Change.

According to Tellus Zine, “The word ‘metamorphosis’ connotes both physical and metaphysical changes, human and otherwise. Because today’s generation has had to adopt a sudden maturity that influences the way they perceive the world, the board is inviting participants to explore changes both inside themselves and their society. This theme allows opportunities for visualization and open interpretation, as it is personal and unique to everyone who chooses to tackle it.”

Deadine is March 1.

About Tellus Zine:

Tellus Zine is a digital publication that showcases visual art and creative writing by young adults from across Greater Cincinnati. Its mission is to provide a platform for young people to express themselves bravely and creatively. Tellus is led by an all-youth editorial board consisting of 14 high school students across Cincinnati. The board also hosts a free guest speaker series and free creative workshops open to Greater Cincinnati teens.


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