Xavier University to test Sonde Health platform in COVID-19 fight

Sonde Health and the Xavier University Center for Population Health have teamed up to study the effectiveness of Sonde’s vocal biomarker platform as a screening tool for symptoms of COVID-19, and the platform’s ability to provide an early warning system at schools, workplaces, sporting events, and other places where large groups of people gather.

The study will rely on Sonde One, a research-based smartphone app, which quickly and objectively detects signs of respiratory symptoms such as chest pain, coughing or shortness of breath through a six-second voice sample. 

Dr. Victor Ronis-Tobin of Xavier Universtiy

The goal of the new study is to validate the vocal biomarker platform’s effectiveness as a daily screening tool, such that it could be used to augment Xavier’s campus-wide contact tracing program. 

“We’ve long known that the voice is a meaningful predictor of an individual’s health,” said David Liu, CEO of Sonde. “Our collaboration and research with Xavier University examines whether we can scale that insight to protect public health during the pandemic.”

Because Sonde’s health check only takes a few seconds to administer and results are delivered in real-time over most mobile devices, scaled daily screening of large populations can be achieved to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19 or influenza.

According to Dr. Victor Ronis-Tobin – interim director of the Xavier University Center for Population Health, and principal investigator for this research – “Healthy, college-aged students are likely to be among the last people to be vaccinated, so it’s important to continue looking for ways to enhance the protections for this group.


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