Introducing a new alliance

Cincinnati Cares and Movers & Makers have joined forces. Both organizations are now supported by 501c3 Inspiring Service, founded in 2017 by Craig and Michael Young to reverse the steep decline in Cincinnati’s volunteer rates.

Movers & Makers, a print and digital publication serving the nonprofit sector for 25 years, has converted into a nonprofit organization in order to better align its mission with the sector it is covering. Thom and Elizabeth Mariner acquired Express Cincinnati in 2008, then upgraded and rebranded it as Movers & Makers in 2016. They remain co-publishers, and their new nonprofit, Movers & Makers Publishing, is now fiscally sponsored by Inspiring Service.

Cincinnati Cares was created in 2018 as the first project of Inspiring Service, now the nation’s leading developer of community and state nonprofit guides. Cincinnati Cares serves as our region’s guide to connecting people to the active nonprofits in Greater Cincinnati. Hundreds of thousands of Greater Cincinnatians use its website,, to find ways to help – from mission-delivery volunteering to helping youth thrive to board and skills-based service. Cincinnati Cares users can also make item or money donations and learn more about the impact nearly 700 nonprofits make on Greater Cincinnati.

(From top left) Doug Bolton, Elizabeth Mariner, Katie Fiorelli, Carol Rountree, Thom Mariner, Tina Gutierrez, Sara Braden, Gail Paul, Shasta Tabor, Bridgett Risk, Madeline Anderson, Rick Endres, Shauna Steigerwald, David Lyman, Madeline Leesman

Both organizations seek to inform, inspire and involve the Greater Cincinnati region’s 2.2 million residents – its movers, makers, helpers and shapers – in aiding the region’s nonprofits to strengthen and improve the community and themselves.

Simply put: Cincinnati Cares is the nonprofit sector’s connection hub; Movers & Makers is its voice and cheerleader. Together, they work to create a more vibrant, equitable and connected region.

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