Know Theatre introduces ‘Crypsis’ –immersive audio walk tour / story

Know Theatre continues to explore new ways to bring theatrical experiences to audiences, in spite of pandemic restrictions.

For example, The Know will debut “Crypsis” later this month – a work about emerging from the darkness into light open spaces. According to The Know, the title (pronounced crip-səs) is a noun, from the Greek krýpsis, meaning hiding or concealment – the ability of an organism to conceal itself.

“Crypsis” was inspired by the ancient springtime-emergence myths of the goddesses Persephone and Inanna, as well as this spring’s expected appearance of Brood X (cicadas). The work is described as a celebration of the courage it takes to step out of the darkness toward the light.

Guests will be guided through a walk at a local park via an augmented-reality audio experience by the narrator on her journey out of the underworld. Geo-tagged locations during the walk will trigger new scenes to play in attendees’ headphones.

Know Theatre is also exploring how ticket holders can explore the story without doing the actual walking tour.

Tickets go on sale this week; the show will be released later in April.

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