Cincinnati Works is on a mission to eliminate poverty

At Cincinnati Works, we believe in the power of work. We provide free, lifelong personal and professional coaching to help people find a job, keep it, and excel at it so they feel empowered to thrive.

Having a job can give an individual the means and the motivation to overcome past adversities, provide for loved ones, and achieve their dreams.

In a world full of need, choosing the way you help can feel daunting.

How can your donation make the most difference?

Because of COVID-19, poverty has increased and our neighbors are struggling.

The need has never been greater.

Your support has never been more crucial than right now.

In lieu of a 25th anniversary event, we’re holding a Cincinnati Works Day of Giving on Wednesday, April 28. 

We’re proud of the impact we’ve made over 25 years. Under different circumstances, we would enthusiastically celebrate our silver anniversary this month.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, though, our priority remains getting our community back to work.

Please support our mission by participating in our Cincinnati Works Day of Giving on Wednesday, April 28.

Donate to Cincinnati Works and you’re giving the gift of job-readiness training, job placement, financial coaching, and beyond-the-job coaching.

You may think your donation can’t end poverty, but we say we can’t end poverty without it.

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