May 2021 Digital Edition


As we sit here in the midst of a damp and unpleasantly chilly mid-April afternoon, it’s easy to get discouraged. COVID deaths continue to rise (again), passing 3 million worldwide. Violence and hatred have reared their ugly heads several times this week in nationally breaking stories. And this weather is not helping one bit. There is even a snowflake icon (!) on the extended forecast this week. And don’t even get us started on cicadas…

On the other end of the spectrum, vaccinations move along promisingly (We get #2 this week.), the stock market is setting records, the Reds lead the league in runs scored, UC has a new coach, FC Cincinnati is about to kick off, and we here at M&M and Cincinnati Cares have so much for which to be thankful.

The best part of what we get to do is share inspiring stories. Take our cover story, for example. Shauna Steigerwald profiles the dynamic duo behind a new nonprofit – “the Uber of food rescue” – using an app to make sure unused food is not going to waste (Page 18). 

And speaking of food, Madeline Anderson shines a light on the quiet but flourishing world of urban agriculture/ farming/ gardening/ growing – whatever you wish to call it – that is spreading roots from the suburbs to the urban core (Page 20).

And if that wasn’t enough, actual live singing is returning to the public stage. Given the super-spreader capacity of singers, vocal music has been the last of the performing arts to re-emerge. Thanks to the clever folks at the May Festival, who have created a one-of-a-kind, spatially-safe vocal/choral experience, we don’t have to wait another whole year to continue this oldest of Cincinnati traditions. Ray Cooklis outlines the offerings on page 8. (And Cincinnati Opera returns this summer, as well!)

So, good riddance to April, always the cruelest month. May is here now, and hope springs eternal.

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Thom and Elizabeth Mariner,
co-publishers, Movers & Makers Publishing

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