Las Cámaras presents X-Change, a collaborative photographic collage

Two local artists, Erika Nj Allen and Tina Gutierrez, have collaborated to form a duo, Las Cámaras. They have created a collaborative photographic collage known as X-Change, curated by Emily Versoza.

In March 2021, Allen and Gutierrez (whose work you see on many Movers & Makers Magazine covers) exchanged stacks of photographic prints, giving each other complete freedom to dissolve and reintegrate the other’s imagery and visual lexicon. Using a variety of media and approaches, the pair presents a body of work not unlike the exquisite corpse drawings of the surrealists.

One piece may be the amalgamation of the head of one image and the body of another, borrowing appendages and portraits from picture planes and relocating them as needed. Beyond the intimate exchange and repeated use of fragmented figures, threads weaving through these disparate works include the use of water in both artists practices and personal history.

To hear their pre-show artist talk simply use a smart phone camera to read the QR code in the image above to automatically listen.

Viewings: Saturdays, July 10 and Aug. 14, 6-9 p.m., or by appointment
Gallery at Askew Studios next to Campsite, 2866 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45225

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