Women of Cincy, Cohear team up

Women of Cincy and Cohear have joined forces to create a four-part series exploring the power of lived experience and how listening to “everyday experts” presents a huge opportunity to create better policies for Cincinnatians.

Monique Gilliam, one of the “everyday experts.” Read her story at https://www.womenofcincy.org/home/monique-gilliam-cohear

What makes someone an “expert?”

To Cohear, it’s not titles or degrees: It’s lived experience. Maybe you’re an expert at riding the bus, because of your daily commute; or you’re an expert at raising kids, because you’re juggling the ups and downs of parenthood; or you’re an expert on housing insecurity because you’ve experienced it in the past.

Cohear pairs “everyday experts” with decision-makers to create better policies in the for-profit, government and nonprofit spheres.

“So often other organizations are so focused on the person’s title or these wild credentials that they have,” said Nia Bauke, Cohear’s chief strategy officer. “For us, it’s about lived experience more than anything.”

Women of Cincy believes that telling stories changes things. Stories have the power to change
hearts and minds – and in turn – policy. Women of Cincy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit media organization built to create more connected, empathetic, and inclusive communities through first-person storytelling, community building, and providing mentorship opportunities to college students. Since 2017, the organization has shared the stories of more than 400 people. Learn more at womenofcincy.org.

With Cohear, that principle rings true in everything they do. These are the stories of the women of Cohear: how they’re leveraging their own expertise and listening to other everyday experts – to positively change our city. Cohear is a community engagement and strategy company operating in Cincinnati and Columbus. It helps leaders develop meaningful solutions to difficult problems by organizing and engaging with the people who live through the real-life impacts of policy issues every day — the “everyday experts.” Learn more at wecohear.com.

Read the full series at womenofcincy.org/everydayexpert

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