Anthony Muñoz  Foundation set to name Straight ‘A’ Scholarship recipients

The Anthony Muñoz Foundation will award a total of $42,000 in scholarships to 18 area students as part of its 2023 Straight ‘A’ Scholarship program. 

Students will receive a one-time scholarship toward pursuing their college education. One overall male and one overall female Straight ‘A’ Student of the Year will be chosen and awarded an additional scholarship. Mike’s Carwash and its Cincinnati Bengals’ “2 Day Who Dey” promotion helped enable the scholarships.

Anthony Munoz Foundation holds Straight A Student Award annually.
Anthony Muñoz

“I think a lot of what we do at the foundation stems from my upbringing and the things I’ve gone through. Being raised by a single mom – we didn’t have a whole lot, but we worked hard and were lucky enough to have people in our community who believed in us,” Anthony Muñoz said. “So, being able to honor young men and women that are choosing positive paths and achieving despite the adversity in their way; that’s what we want to do. Partners like Mike’s Carwash and the Cincinnati Bengals who believe in our mission and support these kids’ dreams, it’s what allows such a huge impact to be made.”

Mike’s Carwash President Joe Dahm said, “We’re grateful to our customers for supporting the AnthonyMuñoz Foundation through our Two Day Who Dey promotion. Since teaming up with Anthony’s foundation, Mike’s has raised more than $375,000 through our Bengals partnership.”

Anthony Muñoz, along with Foundation partners and the student’s chosen Most Influential Teacher will honor and recognize these recipients on April 26 at a luncheon held at The Manor House in Mason.

The Foundation received more than 460 nominations from nearly 150 local high schools. These finalists were nominated by counselors, coaches, parents, and other school administrators for pursuing academic excellence, and athletic achievement, actively serving in the community while possessing a strong ambition, having a winning attitude and their ability to overcome adversity.

See the full list of nominees.

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