What is your great outdoor escape within 50 miles of Cincinnati?

M&M asked readers to answer this question and send us a photo to illustrate.

The Riverfront

Lora Helou

I truly love the history and heritage, commerce, vitality and views – and the rewards of a good meal somewhere there and back in my trek across the Roebling Bridge. – Lora Helou

Crystal Kendrick
Crystal Kendrick

The accessibility of Friendship Park allows every generation of my family to enjoy the beauty and serenity of a city park easily. The paths allow you to see, touch and smell the greenery, and the view of the Ohio River is calming. – Crystal Kendrick 

Sandy Greenwald

I love escaping to play pickleball outside at Sawyer Point. Mornings, daytime, evenings, weekends – these courts are the place to be! – Sandy Greenwald

City Parks

Maria Dehne

I appreciate Ault Park’s history, views, tree groves, etc., and we all know that our seasons like to blend, so it’s particularly interesting when I need to wear a winter coat to enjoy the blooms! – Maria Dehne

Tara Osborn

Eden Park is absolutely gorgeous, with winding walking paths that take you from Mirror Lake, past Krohn Conservatory, to the Twin Lakes – it brings a sense of relaxation and reflection to me that is so needed with a busy schedule! – Tara Osborne

Alice Frazier
Alice Frazier

Hanging with happy people, delicious food, movie classics, live theater and the joy of listening to great jazz at Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park leaves me feeling good! – Alice Frazier

Bridget Jancarz
Bridget Jancarz

The blooms in Ault Park – from the tulips to the cherry blossoms – aren’t just beautiful to enjoy, they’re a real-life metaphor for the beauty that coincides with change.  – Bridget Jancarz (with her mini goldendoodle, Violet)

River & Trails

Brian Hiles

I enjoy the seemingly endless hiking trails of Hueston Woods and relish the chance to take in the views overlooking Acton Lake, especially a sunset on a crisp spring evening after a challenging round of disc golf. – Brian Hiles

Kelly Watson

I love exploring the quiet coves at East Fork State Park with my kayak, gliding along to view the lake’s resident bald eagles, kingfishers and other wildlife. – Kelly Watso​​n

Sara Cullin with her father, Pete Witt

In the 1990s, dad and I would log miles in the Miami Whitewater Forest — me on rollerblades and him in running shoes — on the quiet “outer loop,” and these days I’m more inclined to kayak or hike there. – Sara Cullin 

Scott Browers

There is much to see and do on the Little Miami Scenic Bikeway Trail – now with the Beechmont Bridge Connector completed, and other construction later this year, it will be an unencumbered ride from downtown Cincinnati to Xenia.
– Scott Bowers

The Forest: Cincinnati Nature Center

Joe Albert (Kate’s spouse), and their two sons

Every season delights your senses as you follow meandering trails through a variety of habitats, including grasslands, marshlands and old growth forest. – Kate Albert 

Paul Ekard

I hear the water running through the creeks and the wind blowing through the trees; I see all types of wildlife and beautiful foliage. – Paul Eckard

Abby Tuke
Abby Tuke

The winter might be my favorite season to run the trails at Cincinnati Nature Center; it’s a season of stillness and quiet, as the sleeping trees tower over my solo runs. – Abby Tuke

Christy Brock

Whether it’s hammock or campfire sessions, a mindfulness hike, or so much more, being in this space takes my therapy practice from the couch, to making magic happen. – Christy Brock

Jane Gerhardt

I’ve hiked or run my favorite trail in every condition: rain, snow, gray or sunny. The woods reveal differences each day. – Jane Gerhardt

Beverly Prentice

I never tire of enjoying each season’s changes on the many trails within their borders. – Beverly Prentice

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