Know Theatre hosts 26 shows for 2024 Fringe Festival

Know Theatre has set the lineup for the 2024 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

The 21st annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival – the region’s largest and longest-running annual performing arts festival – is taking place May 31 through June 15. The 14-day celebration will showcase a variety of unique and sometimes over-the-top live performances at venues across Over-the-Rhine.

This year’s primary lineup features 26 productions, including 12 shows created by local playwrights. The schedule also includes four FringeDevelopment projects, five special events and “Kids Fringe” youth performances on weekend afternoons.

Cincy Fringe is presented by Know Theatre, which strives to showcase unexpected voices, new works and plays that embrace the live experience. The Know recently named Bridget Leak as artistic director. Katie Hartman produces the Fringe Festival for Know Theatre.

This year’s festival includes 12 world premieres, a national premiere and 12 regional premieres.

The Fringe Festival is made possible by a partnership with Art Academy of Cincinnati, which is across the street from the Know Theatre. It’s also one of the venues hosting Fringe Festival performances this year. Shows will also take place at Gabriel’s Corner on Sycamore Street.

Free nightly after-hours events unfold in the Know Theatre Underground Bar throughout the festival.

Single tickets to the 2024 Cincy Fringe are $18. But all-access and six-show “flex passes” are available as well. Half of all box office revenue goes to producing Fringe artists.

The full list of shows is below. The schedule is available on the Cincinnati Fringe Festival website.

The 2024 Cincy Fringe Festival Primary Lineup

  • 1-MAN NO-SHOW – Isaac Kessler (Toronto)
  • A Migration of Crones – Performance Gallery (Cincinnati)
  • A Perfect Day Away – Dead Cat Productions (Cleveland, Chicago and Athens, Ohio)
  • As If You Will Remember – Gerry Grubbs, Pauletta Hansel, Rachel DesRochers, Katie Chal, Rob Keenan, Adam Petersen and Michael Burnham (Cincinnati)
  • Bloody Mary – Kelly Collette (Cincinnati)
  • BODIES – Can’t Stand Sitting Productions (Toronto)
  • CANCEL THIS MUSICAL – Wesley Zurick (New York)
  • CASTAWAYS – Silver Linings Productions (Cincinnati)
  • Cyrano on the Moon – Arcane Arts (Hayward, Wisc.)
  • Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl In Hitler’s Germany – Ingrid Garner (Los Angeles)
  • Esther Made Me Do It – Nell Adkins and Elizabeth Sacktor (Lexington, Ky.) 
  • Gender? F*ck! – Rachel Baker (Cincinnati)
  • I’m Finally Going to Ask Elizabeth Hopkins to the Homecoming Dance and Nothing’s Going to Stop Me, Not Even the Ghost of My Dead Grandmother Who Watches Me Masturbate – Queen City Flash (Cincinnati)
  • Knight, Knight – Madeleine Rowe (Minneapolis)
  • Le Spectacle De Merde (“Welcome to our Sh*t Show”) – Megan Flynn & Teresa VanDenend Sorge (Troy, N.Y. and Cincinnati) 
  • Meet Me at the Bathtub: The Short Life & Tumultuous Times of Charlotte Corday – Samantha Joy Luhn (Covington, Ky.)
  • Mounting Washington: The Story of a Mountain & a Miracle – Penny: For Your Thoughts (Rochester, N.Y.)
  • No f*cks given. None taken. All done. – Pamela L Paek (Los Angeles)
  • NO PASSENGERS –Gideon Productions (Queens, N.Y.)
  • SeaMAN – 2 Sleepy RatGuys (Amica Hunter & Bruce Ryan Costella) (Portland, Ore. and Orlando, Fla.)
  • Singing Into The Dark, 1933 – Big Empty Barn Productions (New Orleans)
  • Songs Without Words (or, The Mendelssohn Play) – Jennifer Vosters (Chicago)
  • Strong Bear – Jack Fogle (Cincinnati)
  • The F-Files – Solasta Theatre Lab (Cincinnati)
  • The Last Witch in Ireland: The Story of Bridget Cleary – InBocca Performance (Cincinnati)
  • Waiting for Laura – Ben and Justin Present (Cincinnati and Columbus)

Cincy Fringe Festival Special Events

  • Absurd It Through the Grapevine: Paul Strickland – Paul Strickland Presents (Covington, Ky.)
  • Alphas: Origin Story: A Comedy Variety Show – Alphas Comedy (Cincinnati)
  • Methtacular! – Steven Strafford (Athens, Ohio)
  • The Stork Files: True Stories of Adoption, Abortion, and Having No Choice – Julie Coppens (Cincinnati)
  • trueFRINGE 2024 – True Theatre (Cincinnati)

Cincy Fringe Development Productions

One-night only productions of works in development.

  • Cracks – Claire Lochmueller (Chicago)
  • Ford’s Escape (or a Honda’s Civic Lesson) – Zamudio Theatre & The Milford High School Drama Department (Milford, Ohio)
  • Tea Sips and Tells – Leila Kubesch (Cincinnati)
  • Webcam – Kirk Sheppard (Cincinnati)

Cincy Fringe Kids Fringe

  • The Emu that Ate Cincinnati (and Other Curious Tales) – Autumn Kaleidoscope (Cincinnati)

Cincinnati Fringe Festival

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