Miami alum’s $1M gift to support next generation of doctors

Dr. William McIntyre has donated $1 million to his alma mater, Miami University, to endow a second advisor position in the school’s Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education and further support the next generation of medical professionals.

The center provides resources, information and support to help students make informed decisions about issues facing today’s healthcare professionals. Programs and services include the premedical and pre-health studies co-major, the premedical living learning community as well as internships, scholarships and professional advising.

To honor the gift, Miami named the advisor position after McIntyre’s. McIntyre previously created the William W. McIntyre Scholarship Fund to help support two health sciences students.

“I’m pleased that I can help future Miami University students aspire and achieve a career in medicine,” said McIntyre, who graduated from the school in 1968 with a degree in biological sciences. He went on to study at the University of Chicago, Emory University and the University of Minnesota.

Dr. William McIntyre and his wife, Dr. Laura Martin

“I credit the academic excellence and all-around campus experience I had in Oxford with allowing me to launch a 52-year path of education and the practice of medicine,” McIntyre continued. “The academic curriculum at Miami allowed me to obtain a first-class education at some of the finest centers of excellence in medicine.”

A lifetime of giving back

For 14 years, McIntyre served as a hospitalist and gastroenterologist in an underserved area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. In 1990, he moved on to the Cheyenne V.A. Medical Center in Wyoming where he set up the endoscopy lab and liver and oncology clinics. He served two terms as the hospital’s chief of medicine.

Beyond practicing medicine, McIntyre fell in love with teaching other’s the craft of health care. He was an associate professor of medicine with the Medical College of Virginia, the University of Colorado Medical School and the University of Wyoming Family Practice Residency.

McIntyre and his wife, Dr. Laura Martin, retired in 2016. Today, they live in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

The couple had the opportunity to visit Miami this spring. It was McIntyre’s first trip back to the Oxford campus since he graduated in 1968. He showed his wife beloved sites and the couple toured Miami’s Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Facility as well as the new McVey Data Science. The experience made him want to return to Butler County and “do it all over again.”

“I’m just blown away by what Miami has done here in the last few years,” McIntyre said. 

During the visit, McIntyre asked school leaders what he could do to support the university. He also sought a way to pay back all the people who have helped him, most notably his grandmother, Ann, who worked a variety of odd jobs after becoming widowed to help put McIntrye’s father through school. McIntyre’s father, Wallace (known affectionately as “Mac”), became the first in his family to earn a college degree.

McIntyre’s mother, Margaret, was one of the founders of the Head Start program.

In the end, McIntyre decided to fund a position that will help advise and prepare students for the challenges of medical school and being a physician.

“I’ve had a good life. No regrets,” McIntyre said. “(But) I would love to come back to Miami and do it all over again.”

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