ArtsWave projected to meet 2021 fundraising goal for the arts

The ArtsWave 2021 Campaign is projected to reach it’s $11 million goal to fund the region’s arts community. ArtsWave is a primary funder for more than 100 arts organizations and arts projects to help build community and inspire creativity in Cincinnati.

Campaign Chair Terry Horan

Terry Horan, president and CEO of HORAN, served as chair for the 2021 campaign. “In this unprecedented year, I thank the tens of thousands of residents and the hundreds of companies that have invested in the arts as a way to restart our entire region. Cincinnatians recognize how important a vibrant arts culture is to our growth and enrichment as a community and as individuals” said Horan. 

Under Horan’s leadership, more than 22,000 individual donors and 350 companies and foundations have participated in the campaign to date. Community based fundraising through ArtsWave is largely responsible for funding Cincinnati’s arts assets. 

Due to the pandemic, there are more businesses than usual that are running employee campaigns this summer. Alecia Kintner, president & CEO of ArtsWave added, “For those companies and individuals who are still finishing their campaigns, please know that your support is essential and appreciated.”

Given the importance for the arts to help influence the region’s overall return to vibrancy, Kintner notes that keeping funding levels the same, year-over-year, has been ArtsWave’s priority despite that the overall campaign is still ten percent off of 2019. Forty-one organizations that count on ArtsWave for general operating support will be renewed at, or nearly at, pre-pandemic amounts.  

Funding for the arts has led Cincinnati’s art scene to become a national draw and benefactor to the local community and economy.

Local arts organizations have experienced cumulative losses of more than $140 million since the start of COVID-19. The arts was one of the first industries to close and has been among the last to re-open. 

Support the arts.

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