Go Vibrant ‘Bounce’ to fund local elementary athletic programs

Go Vibrant is continuing their fundraising for athletic programs at Cincinnati Public elementary schools. The program, “Bounce,” will help underfunded physical education and sports programs in various schools.

The goal is to provide physical education and sports to at least 200 students, or 10 elementary schools that currently don’t have the funding for these programs. Bounce is possible with support from P&G and Kroger; the Bounce event will take place this fall and will continue the mission of go Vibrant to “make activity irresistible.” 

The Bounce event will also conclude go Vibrant’s 6th annual Million Step Challenge, which encourages citizens to explore their neighborhoods by getting outside and walking. 

“Both Bounce and the Million Step Challenge are about encouraging residents and our kids to go vibrant, whether it be at school, or in neighborhoods,” said Laura Chrysler, Executive Director of go Vibrant. “This year we are excited to announce our commitment to fund CPS elementary physical education and sports programs.”


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