Friends step up for Starfire

A sold-out crowd filled the theater at the School of Creative and Performing Arts to see the Righteous Brothers in concert. The benefit was organized by Neal Schear of Schear & Schear and Larry Bergman of NAI Bergman to raise money for Starfire.

New SCPA leadership working to rebuild trust

SCPA leadership team: assistant principal Kimberly Brown, external relations officer Teresa Summe-Haas, executive director Nick Nissley, artistic director Angela Walker, principal Michael Owens and assistant principal John Copenhaver

While the new administrators were busy attending to the needs of SCPA faculty, staff and students, executive director Nick Nissley realized “the real crisis was that we had lost the trust and confidence of our investors, of the donor community.” The public couldn’t discern the difference between the Friends of SCPA fundraising organization and the school itself, he said.