Can you feel it?

Can you sense what’s coming just over the horizon?

Look at our A/C List of events or our Fundraisers Datebook in this issue and you might think things are quiet in the world of nonprofits. You would be mistaken. While the remnants of pandemic disruption have left big holes in midsummer event scheduling, we invite you to peruse those same listings into August and September and see how they begin to hit full stride in October. Organizations are busy planning how to quickly rebound and activate their supporters. It just takes time to get up to speed. A word of caution: Where appropriate or requested, please continue to practice the basic public health guidelines we have learned over the past year – masking, hand-washing and social distancing – to reduce the possibility of a resurgence. We encourage everyone eligible to get vaccinated. And remember, the elbow bump is the new handshake. 

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In this issue

Truth be told, we have been looking for an opportunity to become better acquainted with Laura Mitchell for several years now, in her role as Cincinnati Public Schools superintendent. Her recent move to lead Beech Acres Parenting Center gave us the perfect opportunity to put her in our spotlight. Get to know Laura, care of Shauna Steigerwald, on page 18. And thanks to photographer Tina Gutierrez and Laura for braving peak cicada season in order to make beautiful outdoor images.

Speaking of braving the great outdoors, Cincinnati Opera has returned to al fresco performances (at Summit Park in Blue Ash) for the first time since leaving the Cincinnati Zoo in the 1970s. David Lyman shares the story of how this COVID-induced compromise came to life on page 6.

July marks the beginning of the annual intersection of our three professional sports teams. Our writers profiled how each team’s philanthropic efforts support the Greater Cincinnati community (page 25): Gail Paul (Bengals), Madeline Anderson (FCC) and Grace Hill (Reds).

Lastly, may we ask a favor? 

Our mission at Movers & Makers is to inform and inspire people to involve themselves in supporting nonprofits. If you have read a story in M&M that inspired you to take some sort of action (to get involved, volunteer your time, make a contribution), would you please share it with us? Email Thom ( with your story and you may see it referenced in a future issue of M&M.

Be well and thanks for reading!

Thom and Elizabeth Mariner,

Thom and Elizabeth Mariner

The publishers would like to thank:

  • Ray Cooklis and Phil Fisher for returning this month to edit our print publication. Ray is managing editor and chief hunter/gatherer. Phil is copy editor and wields a big pair of scissors. Their expertise and patience are invaluable to us.
  • The volunteers who helped write, edit and proofread this issue: Shasta Taber, Tamara Behrens, Jennifer Shupert and Edwin Clements.
  • Our Cincinnati Cares colleagues: Doug Bolton, Katie Fiorelli and Carol Rountree.

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